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Individual Therapy

It's all about connection

The goal of Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy is to strengthen the bond between individuals for deeper connection in their relationships.  This is done by highlighting the deep emotion and hurt that can be hidden under behavior that can been seen as destructive.  I lead with compassion, empathy, and a respect for your experiences that have led to your current circumstances.


I am no longer accepting new couples in this practice.  For information about my couples and family practice, please visit 



For Trauma and Anxiety

Individual sessions can help you feel understood in a complex world.  Most people face times in their lives when anxiety, depression, or personal challenges become overwhelming.  Speaking with a therapist can help you feel more grounded and healthier. 

I utilize EMDR when appropriate to address trauma and difficult experiences that can keep us feeling "stuck".  I am an EMDIRA certified practitioner.

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